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Lumber River Council of Governments’ Asset Inventory Assessments Supports Receipt of Over $68 million in Funding for Local Governments

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The Lumber River Council of Governments (LRCOG) Local Government Services division is pleased to announce that its asset inventory assessments of local water and wastewater systems has assisted in the awarding of $68.2 million in funding for local governments by the State Water Infrastructure Authority in July.

The asset inventory assessment work conducted by the LRCOG helps local governments to determine the current condition of its water and/or wastewater systems. Based upon this assessment the local government is presented with information about the steps that they need to take in order to protect the long-term health and condition of their systems. These plans also help local governments to better understand the needed expenditures for their systems. If a local government has undergone an asset inventory assessment process it will assist them in securing additional federal and state funds to help support the needed services to their systems. The LRCOG has performed twenty-three (23) assessments for member governments throughout Bladen, Hoke, Richmond, Robeson and Scotland counties.

Jean Klein, LRCOG Planning Director, stated that “the previously completed asset inventory assessment work conducted by the LRCOG, supported the applications of local governments in this round of funding including Ellerbe, Fairmont, Laurinburg, Parkton, Rowland, and St. Pauls.” Over its history, the LRCOG asset inventory assessment program, has helped local governments secure $39,660,724 in loans and $82,998,872 in grants from the NC Department of Environmental Quality through July 2022.

The LRCOG provides an array of programs and services to member governments located within its region: Bladen, Hoke, Richmond, Robeson, and Scotland counties. It serves as an administrative and service delivery arm for federal, state, regional, and local programs of its member governments