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Coronavirus: Social Distancing Has Flattened the Curve of COVID-19

How Does Cape Fear Valley Keep Patients Safe From COVID-19?

By: Andrew Miranda

Dr. Michael Zappa, Chief of Emergency Services at Cape Fear Valley Health located in Fayetteville, North Carolina explained that COVID-19 screening will no longer be done outside the building, as social distancing has flattened the curve.

Cape Fear Valley Health will now house both COVID-19 patients, and non-COVID-19 patients looking for emergency services. Although safety guidelines and regulations will still be enforced to everyone.

Every patient and visitor must be screened before entering the building. All staff members will be equipped with full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). They will be required to wear a mask, eye protection, and a protective gown.

Visitor restrictions are still in effect. The waiting room will still not be used for visitors, for the safety of others to avoid crowded areas.