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Bladenboro Fire Warns of Potential Scam

By Erin Smith

The Bladenboro Fire Department shared a warning on their social media regarding a potential scam.

The warning involves a letter from a group called the Volunteer Firefighters Alliance of Topeka, Kansas.

Bladenboro Fire Chief Jackie Coleman said, “They are advertising for people to volunteer or make donations.”

The letter, indicates a list of people willing to volunteer, will be sent to the fire departments but if you cannot volunteer your time, a financial contribution will be appreciated.

According to the social media post, the NCSFA states the organization does not represent any organizations and they have no knowledge of anyone in North Carolina receiving any funds from the group.

“According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, it’s a scam,” said Coleman.

To protect yourself from scams do not share any personal information, including social security numbers or bank account information, with anyone you do not know. If you are not sure about the legitimacy of an organization, contact your local law enforcement agency.

You can see a sample of the letter below.